Your Child’s Operation

Informed Consent

We would like you to fully understand the benefits and risks of your child undergoing surgery. Often this cannot be adequately discussed at the initial consultation. Please feel free to request an additional appointment so that the procedure can be further explained.

This is often applicable to children undergoing major surgery and we welcome this approach.

Both parents are strongly urged to attend.

On Surgery Day

  1. Parents and child present for admission at the hospital main reception desk, ground floor appropriately fasted. Interview and admission is finalized.
  2. Patient services staff endorses parents and child to the Paediatric ward nurse
  3. Nurse checks admission
  4. Parents and child are led to the day centre area, play area or ward as appropriate
  5. Anaesthetist talks to the parents and child in the ward or in some cases in the pre op room in theatre
  6. Patient and parents are taken to theatre with a nurse
  7. Parents wait outside the theatre area while procedure is ongoing. Surgeon usually speaks to the parents in this area.
  8. After surgery, parents are asked to proceed to the recovery as or when their child wakes up.
  9. Patient and parents are taken back to the Paediatric ward for further rest awaiting discharge (Day patients).
  10. Post operative instruction sheets are given to parents
  11. Parents are reminded to make post operative appointments upon discharge