Children with continence disorders
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Debbie Rechtman

Continence Physiotherapist

Continence disorders are both distressing and common in children.  They include day wetting, recurrent urinary tract infections, bed wetting and constipation.  Optimal management of these issues often require an integrated approach, involving medical and specialist physiotherapy input, and sometimes surgical investigations or procedures.  To facilitate timely and efficient management of these conditions, we collaborate with the on-site Victorian Children’s Continence Service.

All new referrals of children with continence disorders will be booked for a multidisciplinary (MDT) assessment, involving specialist continence physiotherapist in conjunction with the urologist or surgeon, as appropriate.

Continence Physiotherapists professionals do not require a referral however we request you have one. You may qualify for a Care Plan from you GP which entitles you to a Medicare reimbursement. Otherwise you can claim your visit through private health insurance.